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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Does this count as work?

Cambs Uni students are notorious for never telling the truth about the amount of work they're doing - apparently everyone is procrastinating.

Classic statements include:

"I'm so behind on all the reading", "I haven't been to any lectures this term", "I haven't written any essays", "I really don't know what the lecturer is going on about", "I haven't been to any supervisions, ever", "I don't even know where the library is!"

This "too cool for school" attitude is further supported by lame excuses, such as "formal hall swap obsession" and a life time pass to Cindies/Life.

Seriously, who are you kidding?  We all know you're living in the library or hanging out in the Lab with your Gilson and Eppendorf friends!  Don't get me wrong - it's cute - and you should keep that up - it'll get you that 1st and that PhD.  But you don't really know the meaning of procrastination...

Basically, you ain't got shit on me...

create animated gif

Above is a lesson in how to make notes on a paper on a train after spending the day in London Town with a bunch of City PR guys and an awesome music lawyer.  I'm attempting to read this paper only out of guilt for my fun day of procrastination.

Nail Porn - forever the most fun way to waste time

Remember to always have some free time in between studying, so bake...with Whisky...

They say you should always keep your desk tidy and clutter free so as to maintain a peaceful work environment that will aid your study.

Whatevs...This is how I role.

But my favourite way to procrastinate is:  Day-dreaming about my California

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